Process Design

Advice on process design and material selection

Not just a manufacturer and fabricator of tower internals.

The Pall Ring Company also offers process design and advice on material selection to customers who purchase our products. 

Our chemical engineers specialise in both mass transfer technologies and materials and are able to offer customers a completely integrated service.

Services include:

  • the design of tower internals
  • the manufacture of metal and plastic random packings
  • tower design
  • the manufacture and installation or project management of complete integrated process plant systems.

With a wealth of experience our chemical engineering team can assist you in the development of innovative and cost effective process designs. 

They will determine the most efficient type of random packings, the required bed depth, the design of liquid distributors and ancillary tower internals for your specific application.

The Pall Ring Company has over the years developed numerous well proven computer models with proven track records for mass transfer processes:

  • gas and fume scrubbing,
  • odour control scrubbing,
  • reaction towers,
  • carbon dioxide degassing from water
  • various stripping processes for the removal of gases and volatile organics compounds from liquid streams.