The astraPAK® provides the lowest pressure drop of all our random plastic tower packing types and thanks to its distinctive structure it is also extraordinarily robust and resilient.


The astraPAK® provides the lowest pressure drop of all The Pall Ring Company’s random plastic tower packing types.

The low DP / unit height of packed beds allows:

  • A high tower capacity, which in turn allows for smaller column diameters and fans in new bespoke designs;
  • A significant reduction in the unit’s energy consumption;
  • The highly efficient 2-phase contact, even at low throughputs, yields a high separation performance and facilitates a reduced packed height in new bespoke designs;
  • The high liquid volumetric capacity allows for smaller column diameter in new bespoke designs. 

Additional Information

Increased Efficiency:

Exceptional wetting properties permit large variation in liquid flow rates

Reduced Energy Consumption:

Low pressure drops facilitate smaller fans and lower power consumption

Exceptional Chemical Resistance:

Moulded in virgin polypropylene and HDPE material. Also available in other engineering thermoplastics for critical applications.

Outstanding Strength & Durability:

Thanks to its distinctive structure astaPAK® is extraordinarily robust exhibiting unbeatable qualities of stability and resilience.