Koi-PAK is a biological carrying media specifically designed for use in aquariums & pond filters.


‘Koi-PAK’ is a filter and biological carrying media that has been specifically designed for use in the filtering of ponds and aquariums.

The additional surface area, provided by the media, increases the area available for bacterial colonisation and so accelerates the break down of waste products to a less toxic form.

Using our industrial process packing media expertise, ‘Koi-PAK’ is based on the well proven Pall Ring design with high surface area and openings in the side to aid liquid flow and reduce blocking and fouling.

Additional Features

It is non toxic, non taint and highly resistant to degradation and oxidation.

‘Koi-PAK’ is easy to clean and will give many years of service.

As this media is to be used in conjunction with specific filtration systems which vary a great deal, you must satisfy yourself that the correct size is being selected.